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"To write more, write more." This is my writing notepad.

One post a day in 2011? Right.

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Thank you, WordPress, for challenging us to write a post every day. I just created a new blog for the occasion.

“To write more, write more” is true. Once you start writing, you open a gate and the words pour out. I usually keep that gate closed, hearing the words screaming inside: Let us out, we have a story to tell, news to break!

I think writing about writing will be a topic for the 1-post-a-day blog.

I just checked the posting dates on one of my other blogs. The last post is dated December 2010, and the last one before that is dated May 2009.

My language blog, which I write in my own language, Norwegian, I update more frequently, but far from often enough.

One post a day in 2011, WordPress? I accept your challenge and challenge myself, so See You.

* * * * * * * * * *

Note added in 2012: I did my best to write every day, but I only had time for 98 posts. I achived my goal, though, which was to prove to myself that I could write whenever I wanted. I have been writing ever since, and the reluctance I used to have to sit down and write is long gone. Some of the daily posts are published in this Z for short blog, under the “Writing prompts” category in the sidebar to the right.


Written by Solveig Hansen

December 31, 2010 at 7:33 pm

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