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I just wanted to be nice

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Their product website was full of spelling and grammar mistakes. I made them aware of that, and they e-yelled at me.

Writing prompt: Name someone who deserves more credit.

Today’s prompt made me think about how we, the net citizens, treat each other. When we find an article that gives us exactly the insight or inspiration we need for a particular task we are working on, do we take the time to write a Thank You comment? When we build a stellar birdcage thanks to a birdcage maker who shared their knowledge online and helped us help the birds, do we send them a picture of our master piece?

I believe that people who are really passionate about what they are doing, feel privileged to serve and share and don’t expect acclamations or statues of themselves. To all of them I say from the top and bottom of my heart: Thank You.

Over the years I have found that once an article or a blog post is published, it starts to live its own life. I don’t get disappointed anymore over low stats and lack of comments. I used to get discouraged until I realized that not all posts are equally relevant to everybody. I am happy to see that some of my posts are quite popular, and I hope they can help drawing attention to my blogs and my business. Nevertheless, a comment or a link is always welcome…

Online publishing involves interaction with others on the net, and the same courtesy applies as in real life – like between me and the people behind the product website mentioned above.

I came across the site while searching for web publishing systems. It was full of linguistic errors, and I wondered if this negligence was reflected in the product and customer service. I pointed out some of the errors to the people responsible for the publishing system, commenting that it was an expensive system that deserved a better presentation. I got a prompt reply back, “The language on our website is better than the design of your website.” Eeeek! I never got to try their publishing system.

Thanks to my big mouth, I might have missed out on a great product.

I just wanted to be nice.

I still believe, however, that  language and presentation should be a part of a company’s quality profile.

(Before anyone starts commenting on any  grammatical errors in this post: English is not my mother tongue.) ;-)

It’s all about the way we put things. Just today I received the “2010 year in blogging” report for my main WordPress blog. Instead of pointing out the obvious room for improvement, they wrote: “A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 2,000 times in 2010. That’s about 5 full 747s.” Five 747s! It made me happy as a fiddle, despite the sad fact that I only wrote six posts in 2010. Thank You, WordPress.

Here’s a rose for you, readers:



Written by Solveig Hansen

January 2, 2011 at 7:00 pm

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