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Like it was meant to be

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Writing prompt: Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Why or why not?

Although I do understand the need to make sense of things when life strikes, I always get a bit provoked when someone categorically claims that everything happens because it was meant to be, as if life were an orienteering race where we move from one predestined post to another. The most extreme statement I’ve ever heard was a few years ago when a man was murdered and someone said that the man was supposed to die, his time had come. As if the killer served a higher purpose.

Once in a while things happen that seem like an answer to a prayer. Usually it happens because we’re looking for a solution to a particular problem, otherwise we wouldn’t even notice it. Things happen all the time, if not this, then something else. Some make sense, some seem meaningless. It’s not so much the things in themselves, I think, but how we handle them and how we act on them.

Do I believe that everything happens for a reason? My answer is that I don’t believe things happen because it’s written in some book of life that they are meant to happen. We play much more active roles in our own lives. We make choices constantly, one after another, or other people make choices that affect us. The circumstances of life might change or we find ourselves at crossroads where major choices are required and life takes a new course. We even pay the price for each other’s choices. It’s cause and effect, action and reaction, the same principles apply everywhere.

I find the thought of a predetermined path life-limiting. Because if we believe that everything is predestined, then we also believe that something is not meant to be. We take the easy way out maybe when we shouldn’t and give up. And who do we blame?

I believe that when we actively take the first step, rather than waiting for destiny to kick in, we set things in motion and allow for things to happen. In the process, we might feel a tremendous satisfaction – it’s like it was meant to be. The sense of fulfillment we experience when we fully use our talents is, again, like it was meant to be.

That’s my philosophy, one that I’m not very good at living up to. I spend a lot of the time waiting for things to happen. If I believed that everything happens for a reason, then I would need to believe that nothing also happens for a reason. That’s a chilly thought.


Written by Solveig Hansen

January 18, 2011 at 6:07 pm

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