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"To write more, write more." This is my writing notepad.

Lifelong learning

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“All she wrote were three short stories.”

Writing prompt: What’s something you never believed until you experienced it?

In the process of lifelong learning, some moments are more pivotal than others. I have chosen three of them.

The first time we explore the concept of learning by trying is when we take our very first steps. After endless attempts we finally stand proudly on our own two feet, ready to conquer the world. We take one small step for the family and one big one for ourselves, and then, BOOM, we’re back where we started, which is not on our two feet.

Another time is when we learn to read. I was five when I finally figured out what the words in the books said. I remember how frustrated I had been because I knew all the letters, but I couldn’t combine them into words. Then, all the sudden, the door flung open and the letters formed words which in turn formed stories. It was a life-changing moment.

Yet another time is when we feel that we have reached as far as we can in our current job and there’s a drive inside us to move on. Maybe an untapped talent surfaces just to remind us that there are unused potentials. It can happen any time in life and it’s never too late to learn, that’s a beautiful fact. In my case it’s about writing myself rather than just handling the words of others. Once I started to think along those lines, things were set in motion. One morning, a new door flung open and there was Maximillian, a fictitious writer and author Anno Domini 1845. He had reached a crossroads in his life and couldn’t decide what to do next. I told him politely, “My good man, I suggest you turn to someone else. I do not write.”

I’m not a novelist. I don’t have the patience required to write long stories, and I’m not really interested in composing dialogs and complex relationships. At the moment, it’s the creation of the characters that intrigues me. Who are they? What’s their story? In the process, an author might be born, dragged into life by trying and failing and retrying to find the right form for the story. My immediate goal is to write three short stories on the topic. Maybe not Twitter-short, but short. I usually jump to the end of a story pretty quickly, like this:

Fast-forward a couple of decades. When I’m no longer able to stand on my own two feet without help, I will either regret that I didn’t develop my writing skills beyond those three short stories, or I will smile when I think back on my coffee mugs with city names on them and the yellow Post-its full of scribbled ideas in my writing chamber where my characters came to life.

I hope I will smile.


Written by Solveig Hansen

February 11, 2011 at 1:49 pm

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