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"To write more, write more." This is my writing notepad.

When is a post ready to be published?

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It clicks into place.

Writing prompt: How do you decide when a post is ready to publish?

The short answer is: You just know when a text is finished. Something clicks into place inside you. In my case, it’s a 2-click process.

When I start typing, ideas come easily, sometimes so fast that I have to make quick notes in order not to forget them.

Usually, it only takes a few minutes to write the first draft. The editing takes longer. I rearrange the paragraphs, add and delete text and remove repetitions. When I feel the first click inside, I know I’m done with the writing and editing. Then it’s time to spellcheck and read the text thoroughly to make sure it makes sense. When I feel the second click, I’m done. If I have the time, I leave the text unpublished for a while and read it again before hitting Publish. The best time to read is in the morning, with fresh eyes.

You should be careful not to over-edit, because the text might lose some of its freshness.

Editing takes longer in English than in my own language. I need to look up a lot to find the right words and idioms. I fix whatever I’m capable of and leave the rest as is without worrying too much. When I’m tired or cannot focus for some reason, I find myself writing male instead of mail, or write instead of right, because they are pronounced the same way. And just the other night, “writer’s wet dream” became “wet writer’s dream”.

Now, 54 days into the 1-post-a-day project, the writing is so much faster and even more enjoyable. I just read one of my first posts, Stress and creativity, in which I wrote about my reluctance to sit down and write:

The one thing that I find the most stressful is my reluctance to write. The resistance is sometimes so strong that it seems like a physical barrier to overcome, despite my urge to write. When I cannot find the angle of an article immediately, I give up.

I declare that reluctance gone. I just sit down and start typing, even if I’m not sure exactly what to write about. Put one idea on the paper and the next will follow. “To write more, write more.” It works!


Written by Solveig Hansen

February 23, 2011 at 2:37 pm

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