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I have faith in the youth

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And they know the way to Tahrir Square.

Writing prompt: What gets better with age?

With maturity comes knowledge, but not necessarily wisdom. It’s so easy to get stuck in old mindsets and patterns. The worst statement I hear is this: “When I was young, we…” You can always pass on your own personal experiences to new generations. The kids might listen and follow your advice, but they’ll still have to make their own experiences. It’s their job to challenge old mindsets.

There are two major gaps between generations and societies today:

The first one is the technological gap between generations. It’s wonderful to see all the senior classes where people learn to use computers and Internet. In less than a generation, the tech gap will be closed.

The second gap is the educational gap between rich and poor countries. I hope that gap will be closed, too, and all children be given education. It’s their birthright.

The recent events in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya demonstrate the power of education. A great part of the demonstrators are young and well-educated, they are not afraid, and they have outsmarted the self-appointed leaders who believed they were some kind of father figures for their respective nations and didn’t realize that they were totally out of touch with reality. Guess what, dictators, the children grew up. They are no longer infants, and they know and they demand their rights. They are breaking mindsets that have been frozen in time.

Given the history in the Middle-East, who would have thought that the new revolution would be a “Facebook revolution”?

I’m in awe of what the people in those countries are doing. I’m certain that more countries will follow. When people are no longer afraid, it’s amazing what they can do. I have faith in the youth. In Egypt, 2/3 of the population is under 30.

Be warned, dictators and oppressors all over the world, your time is up. As the demonstrators in Egypt put it: “Now we know the way to Tahrir Square.”

As for me, I hope I never get stuck in a fixed mindset, never stop being curious and never stop learning and writing.


Written by Solveig Hansen

February 25, 2011 at 2:17 pm

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