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Not at all.

Writing prompt: What are your favorite slang words? Which ones are overused?

I’m not very familiar with UK and US slangs, but Wow is a word I use a lot. It works in all languages. The most overused word is awesome. I don’t like it. The most annoying is to hear you know after every few words.

I love the way the English say I say. Other slang words that sound charming to me are Blimey and the various versions of Holy…, like Holy mackerel and Holy ashtray.

I don’t use specific slangs like these, at least not in a foreign language. It would just sound weird.

In certain communities, they swear a lot. It’s not just the occasional outburst of a swear word or two, but all the time. When asked why they swear so much, people say it’s just part of their language. Habit, I guess.

I use the Norwegian version of bloody hell when something needs to be yelled at and no one can hear me. The SMS alert tone, for instance, drives me crazy when I’m absorbed in a task and need to concentrate, and before I know it, there’s a F… word echoing between the walls.

For some people, even the most innocent swear word can be too heavy to digest. I had a colleague who accidentally deleted half a day’s work on her computer. Where others would have shouted and torn their hair out, she simply said very softly: Oh dear. I thought it was sweet.

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My favorite word, including military acronyms and slangs. During WW2, Mein Kampf was used as a slang for the leaflets that the allies dropped over enemy territories.


Written by Solveig Hansen

March 10, 2011 at 1:06 pm

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