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And they lived royally happy ever after

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“Anyone can become a princess. You just have to meet a prince.”

Bet London is hung-over today after a long day’s royal wedding celebration. You did well, logistics and all. The way the huge crowd was guided up the Mall after the ceremony was impressing. Come on, Olympics 2012. You are in safe hands.

I listened to a radio interview in which two young girls, very young, were asked about princesses and stuff. One of their comments was that princesses have high-pitched voices. This is actually an accurate observation if you think about Disney movies, the prime source of fairy-tale princess facts.

One drawback of being a princess, according to our two young observers, is that princesses don’t get to eat much sushi. Why? Because the sushi places are too far away. Fortunately, they said, princesses can be taken there in a car or limo.

“Anyone can become a princess. You just have to meet a prince,” they concluded. Well, beautiful Kate did meet her prince and became the Duchess of Cambridge, or Princess Kate/Catherine, as I assume she will be called by the masses.

The two eloquent young ladies were also asked whether or not they thought the marriage between Will and Kate would last. “She’ll be happy at first,” they answered, “but after a while she’ll ask if she can go home again.”

Hopefully, they will live happily ever after. The royal houses throughout Europe have caught up with the rest of the society and realized that marrying out of love is not a bad thing after all. And if I were a nouveau riche I wouldn’t worry too much about not becoming a member of the upper class. The class system and the monarchy will both eventually fall. I’m not sure which one will go first.


Written by Solveig Hansen

April 30, 2011 at 7:43 pm

Posted in In the news

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