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"To write more, write more." This is my writing notepad.

Down the Gutter Avenue

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[incl. words: squander, gutter, elusive, ghost]

I squandered my time
trying to define him,
so I erased him from my story
and sent him down the
gutter avenue.

If you encounter him
down the gutter avenue,
an elusive, ghostlike figure,
not yet fully written into life,
be kind to him.

(c) 2013- Z for short.

Prompt: Write a poem that uses at least five of the following words: owl, generator, abscond, upwind, squander, clove, miraculous, dunderhead, cyclops, willowy, mercurial, seaweed, gutter, non-pareil, artillery, salt, curl, ego, rodomontade, elusive, twice, ghost, cheese, cowbird, truffle, svelte, quahog, bilious. Phew… I used four of them: squander, gutter, elusive, ghost.


Written by Solveig Hansen

April 20, 2013 at 11:19 pm

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